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TILTA Mirage Matte Box

Varenummer: 231470
Produsent: TILTA
EAN-nummer: 6972835238191
Vekt:960 gram

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Tilta Mirage Matte Box

Golden Ratio Design
Minimalist design supports even the most compact-sized cameras and lenses. Prevents vignetting when using lenses wider than 14mm.

95mm Standard Diameter
Compatible with a wide range of classic cinema lenses. Supports step-down adapter rings for DSLR and mirrorless lenses.

New Insert Style Filter Design
Light weight and more efficient than screw-in filters. More user-friendly for video production.

4x5.65 Ready For Front Filter Mounting
4×5.65 stackable filter trays and holder are available for purchase, if multiple filters are needed.

Only 1/4 The Weight Of A 4x5.65 Filter
The new filter design saves over 100g compared to traditional 4×5.65 filters in most cases. This weight advantage becomes more and more important with smaller camera rigs being desired.

Modular Design
Removable modular design supports your creative needs. (Multiple designs patent pending.)

Ready To Mount Special FX Filters
Various filter manufacturers have set off to develop for this new standard of filter system, such as Vaxis, Nisi, etc. Vaxis has already developed an anamorphic flare filter, black pro-mist, pro-mist, NDs, etc.

Aerodynamic Design
The matte box body adopts an aerodynamic design with integrated vents that can reduce wind resistance and ensure stability when shooting subjects at high speeds.

Packing List

Tilta Mirage Matte Box
Circular Filter Tray for Tilta Mirage
67/72/77/82 mm Adapter Ring
Basic Soft Carrying Case for Tilta Mirage

Høyde (cm)180.00
Bredde (cm)90.00
Dybde (cm)240.00