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TILTA Camera Cage Advanced Kit For Sony FX6 V Mount

Varenummer: 231469
Produsent: TILTA
EAN-nummer: 6972835235091
Vekt:1.58 kg

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Camera Cage Advanced Kit For Sony FX6 V Mount

  • Advanced rigging solution for the Sony FX6
  • Basic and full modular configurations
  • Full armour protection 
  • Can use with Tilta's latest Side handles and Offset Top handle. 
  • Contoured ergonomic design

The TiLTA ES-T20 has landed!  Using Tilta's unique cage design and packed full of features, this cage is the perfect answer to protecting and rigging up the Sony FX6. 

The cage uses Tilta's signature armour design with CNC machined aluminium components to reinforce the camera body whilst keeping it extremely lightweight. 

The cage supports Tilta's latest top and side handles, and the top plate section of the cage has a number of relocation points for the ES-T20-TH2 Offset Top handle. 

The ES-T20-TH2 baseplate supports standard 15mm rails and ARRI side rosettes for additional attachments like extension arms and handles. 

The ES-T20-BTP-V lock battery plate is specifically designed for the FX6 Cage System and seamlessly blends into the back of the rig to power the camera using v-lock batteries.  The Battery plate also has 2 x D-tap 14.8V, 1 x 2-pin Lemo 14.8V and 1 x 5V USB, so makes powering a wide range of accessories possible!

Package Contents:
1x TiLTA ES-T20-MTP Top Plate
1x TiLTA ES-T20-QRBP Baseplate
1x TiLTA ES-T20-SA Side Bracket
2x 150mm Rod
1x TiLTA ES-T20-BTP-V V-Mount to BP-U Battery Plate
1x TiLTA ES-T20-WVM Adapter For Wireless Transmission

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