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Produsent: QUINE
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QUINE Box IoT, the missing link between camera, cloud and editor.

  • Compatible with RED, ARRI and SONY cameras
  • Optional burn-in of TC, filenames, LUTs
  • WiFi and LTE – Always connected
  • 1 TB built-in SSD storage
  • Internal battery for "soft" battery changes.

Based on years of production experience from drama and broadcast productions, mixed with tremendous knowledge of file processing and cloud-based solutions, Quine has developed a hardware and workflow solution that appears to be a dream for those who have had it presented!

QuineBox IoT allows a workflow where Proxys in HD and Dailies are automatically created, all mechanical metadata is automatically retrieved, as well as notes from recordings, and then via cloud sent directly to post production. All files are frame-accurate, allowing offline clips
can start a few minutes after recording - wherever you are in the world!

Metadata is also synced back to the box from the cloud, and continuous communication between the production links occurs in a way that has never been possible before!

More Features

  • Record and upload comformable editorials to your edit SAN as you shoot. 
  • Upload dailies to any cloud solution, as you shoot
  • Rich and robust metadata support.
  • Stream live video and dailies to your computer, tablet or phone on-set (Upgrade)
  • Modular design for soft- and hardware upgrades
  • Fleet-control, for multiple devices (Broadcast/Larger production houses).
  • Qi workflow application connects the set to the editorial and post stages.
  • Shoot = Direct to edit
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