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UltraBoard 960 Standard Compact Keyboard (Nordic)

Varenummer: 209309
Produsent: BakkerElkhuizen
EAN-nummer: 8719274674382
Vekt:730 gram

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A compact keyboard with a numerical keypad. Narrower: despite the fact that this keyboard includes a numerical keypad, it is still considerably narrower than a “normal” keyboard. Concave keys: the surface of the keys is designed to automatically guide your fingers to their center. Size: because of its compact size, this keyboard will easily fit in your backpack, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Color: the UltraBoard 960 has white keys with dark letters. USB hub: two easy-to-reach USB ports. Ideal: for employees with a permanent workstation who want to create more space on their desk. The distance between the keys ranges from 18 to 20 mm (ISO 9241). The alphabetical section must be clearly separated from the function keys (ISO 9241). Dark letters on a clear background are easier to read (ISO 9241) and contribute to an increased productivity (Snyder, 1990). The middle row of keys cannot be elevated more than 30 mm above the surface of the desk (DIN 21
Høyde (cm)2.2
Bredde (cm)38
Dybde (cm)17.5
ProduktkategoriErgonomiske tastaturer, Tastatur
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