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HPRC 2100 BAGBLB bag and dividers

Varenummer: 229779
Produsent: HPRC
Originalnummer:HPRC2100 BAGBLB
EAN-nummer: 8033389419769
Vekt:1.35 kg

Antall på lager:19 stk
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Lightweight, watertight and indestructible resin case with customizable interior. It can be purchased empty, complete with pre-cut inner sponge (consisting of a layer of ashlar on the lid, a smooth holous and an intermediate layer) or with the inner nylon bag.

  • ergonomic handle made of PP+ SEBS materials and a steel parting to offer a high level of ergonomics
  • automatic valve that automatically adjusts the air pressure inside it
  • Internal O-ring made of Neoprene PA66 which makes the suitcase totally hetight
  • Extremely robust closing hooks. The opening/closing system in two phases, in addition to ensuring a particular fluidity of movement, prevents the hooks from opening in the event of a fall
  • Reinforced side corners to make them extremely impact resistant
  • Materials: The model is made of a patented material given by a special compound based on TTX01 polypropylene, fiberglass and rubber. It also consists of PA66, SEBS, PA66GF30, ALU, Stainless Steel. Maximum protection with minimum weight. The TTX01 and the use of materials such as aluminum for trolley versions, allow to obtain a final weight of HPRC suitcases up to 20% lighter than the competition. Having a very light rigid suitcase brings advantages in use, transport and shipping costs. It has been a priority in the creation of HPRC suitcases to find the lightness associated with maximum protection. In any case, the development of the TTX01 material continues: the search for lightness not at the expense of protection are a fundamental point for our company.
  • Certifications: The TTX01 material gives suitcases the characteristic of resisting impacts, falls and pressures thanks to its very high resistance associated with elasticity. An HPRC suitcase used in extreme temperature conditions (both hot and cold) does not lose its distinctive features.
  • The guaranteed temperature range is - 40 C° -( 40 °F) up to + 80 C°( +176 °F).

All HPRC suitcases are water-resistant, resistant to dust, moisture, acids and sand. They resist falls and impacts: a transport tool therefore unparalleled in terms of protection. The HPRC line has been subjected to strict tests based on national and international regulations/standards, such as the ATA 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, DS 81-41 FALL, IMPACT, GRIP, WATERTIGHTNESS, UV SEAL OF THE MATERIAL AND COLOR.

The entire production line of HPRC suitcases is ISO9001 certified to confirm a particular attention and interest in maintaining a product at the highest level. These tests and certifications guarantee and attest to the quality of the HPRC product and its durability over time. They also give a guarantee to the HPRC user that they can buy high quality suitcases developed and fully produced in Italy.

Interior: 210x145x94(mm) - 8.27x5.71x3.70(in)

external: 235x196x110(mm) - 9.25x7.72x4.33(in

empty: 0.76kg - 1.68lbs
with sponge: 0.84kg - 1.85lbs

Høyde (cm)240.00
Bredde (cm)245.00
Dybde (cm)125.00