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TILTA Hydra Alien Car Mounting System V-Mount

Varenummer: 229727
Produsent: TILTA
Vekt:18.20 kg

Antall på lager:2 stk
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Hydra Alien Car Mounting System

The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System was designed from the ground up to work in conjunction with smaller gimbals to allow for a lightweight solution to car-mounted cinematography. The system utilizes a highly customizable combination of suction cups and dovetail-like plates that when interconnected, allow the user to fine-tune the exact placement of their shot. The system also uses a shock absorbing arm to better stabilize the camera for certain shots as well as a spring-loaded cradle head if the intended shot requires that the gimbal be flipped upside down. High, low. To the side of the car, mounted on top of it — almost any car mounted shot can be configured using the Hydra Alien Car Mounting System. Let your imagination run wild!

Packing list:
(1) Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L1 (HDA-T02-L1)
(1) Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L2 (HDA-T02-L2)
(1) Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L3 (HDA-T02-L3)
(1) Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L4 (HDA-T02-L4)
(1) Hydra Alien Dovetail Connector Plate (HDA-T02-DCP)
(1) Hydra Alien Large Suction Cup (HDA-T02-LSC)
(2) Hydra Alien Small Suction Cup (HDA-T02-SSC)
(1) Hydra Alien Shock Absorbing Arm with Hydraulic Damping Pole (HDA-T02-SAA)
(1) Hydra Alien 90 Degree Adapter for Shock Absorbing Head (HDA-T02-ASA)
(1) Hydra Alien Shock Absorbing Head (HDA-T02-SAH)
(1) Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 with power cable (TGA-PBP)
(1) Hydra Alien Dual Battery Plate Support Bracket (HDA-T02-DPS)
(1 x 8-piece set) 220g Counterweight (TGA-CW-220)
(1 x 10-piece set) Hydra Alien Cable Clamp Suction Cup (HDA-T02-CSC)
(1) Hydra Alien Tool Kit (HDA-T02-TK)
(1) Safety Belt (219-000000-089)
(2) Hydra Alien V-Mount Battery Plate (HDA-T02-BP-V)
(1) Hydra Alien Car Mounting Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case (HDA-T02-WSC)

Høyde (cm)410.00
Bredde (cm)895.00
Dybde (cm)245.00