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RYCOTE PCS-Artic Arm With Super Clamp

Varenummer: 228951
Produsent: RYCOTE
EAN-nummer: 8024221708721
Vekt:1.42 kg

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PCS-Artic Arm With Super Clamp

  • Perfect versatility for precise positioning of mics, antennas and other sound accessories
  • Professional Variable Friction Arm
  • Superior construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Ergonomic handle for precision controlled movement
  • Arm extends to 53cm giving you maximum flexibility

The ‘steel blue’ finished side is equipped with a 3/8” BSW male thread with a Hytrel ® washer making it compatible with all industry standard sound accessories including windshields and shock mounts. This ensures for a ‘straight out the box’ compatibility and damage free solution. 

The black finished side is equipped with a standard size 16mm spigot with 3/8” female thread for added versatility. Simply adjust the ergonomic knob to quickly get your mic in the exact position you need.

The PCS Artic Arm with Manfrotto Super Clamp is the ideal kit to mount your microphone to almost anywhere you need. This multipurpose clamp can hold onto just about anything, including round and square surfaces ranging from 1.3cm to 5cm,
with 15kg payload.

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Dybde (cm)95.00