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RYCOTE Micro Windjammer 30-Pack

Varenummer: 228836
Produsent: RYCOTE
EAN-nummer: 5060223651002
Vekt:20 gram

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RYCOTE Micro Windjammer  30-Pack

• Micro Windjammer provides versatile wind protection for the built-in microphones on a range of devices
• Fits over the built-in microphone on HDSLR cameras, camcorders and compact cameras
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad and most other mobile phones and tablets 
• Greatly reduces wind noise, to help you to capture great audio, to go with your video
• An invaluable piece of kit for your outdoor recordings - great for improving the sound quality of vlogs and YouTube videos
• Handy, easy to fit, easy to remove and leaves no residue
• Each individual pack contains 30 Stickies and 6 reusable grey fur discs

Micro Windjammer is easy to fit and provides all-in-one wind protection for your camera's built-in microphone - helping you to capture great-sounding audio, even outdoors. Designed to help prevent wind noise from destroying the audio recording from your HDSLR camera, camcorder or compact digital camera, the Rycote Micro Windjammer is also compatible with the IPhone, IPad and most other mobile phones. This invaluable piece of kit for all your outdoors recordings is handy, easy to fit and leaves no residue on removal. 

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