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HP Lamineringslomme Premium 80my A4 (100)

Varenummer: 209805
Produsent: HP
EAN-nummer: 4030152091232
Vekt:1.51 kg

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Thanks to HP premium laminating pouches, your important documents are not only protected from dirt, moisture and colour changes, but also become more forgery-proof.

Whether private or commercial, film lamination is becoming increasingly popular because the advantages are obvious: Teachers' blackboards are protected from wear and tear, menus or placemats can be cleaned and reused, and laminated price lists or timetables allow wiping out and rewriting with suitable film pens. The applications are numerous and with the right laminator, laminating becomes a breeze:

Once you have selected the desired film, set to the program for the required film thickness. Now place the paper in the centre of the laminating pouch, leaving an even margin all around. When the machine has reached the correct operating temperature, insert the laminating film into the machine with the closed side first. The film is drawn in and the laminated product is ejected on the other side. Allow it to cool briefly before you remove the finished result and cut it to size.

The laminating pouches
  • Foil size: DIN A4
  • Film size: 216 mm x 303 mm
  • Film thickness: 80 microns
  • Colour: transparent
  • Surface: glossy
  • Application: for hot lamination
  • Contents: 100 pieces per pack
The logistics
  • Item number: 9123
  • EAN: 4030152091232
  • Package dimensions: 24.4 cm x 34.7 cm x 2.5 cm (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 1.46 kg
Høyde (cm)2.5
Bredde (cm)34.7
Dybde (cm)24.4